Listed & Period Homes – Bespoke Insurance For Older Properties

Listed & Period Homes

Specialist Bespoke Insurance for Older Period and Listed Properties.

Listed and Period Homes specialise in providing bespoke insurance for older properties beyond the scope of regular insurers.

About Listed & Period Homes.

Listed & Period Homes have our own insurance department which has been providing cover for all aspects of owning a period property for many years. We have extensive knowledge of the period property market, with fully qualified people who can understand all areas of insurance. We are used to insuring many different types of properties, including holiday homes, bed & breakfast, guest houses, rented properties, unoccupied properties, railway carriages, waterside properties to more complex estates.

Why Use A Specialist Insurer?

With a listed property, you are required by law to rebuild using materials that match the original property construction. It’s essential that your insurer covers the full costs – most general insurers may not provide this level of cover, leaving you to finance the shortfall.

What Makes Listed & Period Homes Different?





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